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The Association signed a cooperation agreement with the ILLF

Photo of Sonata Grėbliūnaitė

On 30 March 2022 Laura Laurušaitė, President of the Lithuanian Comparative Literature Association, and Aušra Martišiūtė-Linartienė, Director of the Lithuanian Institute of Literature and Folklore, have signed a cooperation agreement:

  • To cooperate in scientific activities, exchange of information and scientific publications on the topics of comparative literature.

  • Cooperate in the preparation of joint scientific and research projects related to comparative literature and intercultural contexts.

  • To cooperate in the organisation of joint events (international and national conferences and congresses, trainings, academic seminars, debates, etc.) related to comparisons between Lithuanian literature and other foreign literature(s) or between Lithuanian literature and other arts (art, cinema, theatre, architecture, etc.), and to the study of intercultural relations.

  • To promote scientific and academic cooperation in order to increase the prestige of comparative studies, the internationalisation of Lithuanian scholarship, and the visibility of Lithuanian literature and literary studies in the world of literatures and literary studies.

  • To publish on their websites relevant invitations to events, information on publications, conference calls, etc.



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