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The conference "Reviving Memory and Overcoming Oblivion: Comparative Aspects" is here!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

N. L. Peschier, Vanitas (Still Life) (Oil Painting (1659)

On 10-11 November, an international conference organised by the Lithuanian Comparative Literature Association and the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore will take place: "Reviving Memory and Overcoming Oblivion: Comparative Aspects".

Please see the event programme:

Tarptautinės konferencijos programa_Atminties gaivinimas ir užmaršties įveika lyginamieji
Download • 561KB

The conference will also be available remotely.

Plenary section, first section - both days: Meeting ID: 821 7074 1995 Passcode: 491908

Second section - both days:



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